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Understanding your clients’ needs and how to manage projects is the key to keep your customers booking your services and coming back for more.

We’re going to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to get more focused on what it takes to grow your photography business. ​

(€57 only thru January 2021)

Learn How to Grow Your Photography Business

Optimize your online presence, close more booking deals, and finally grow your photography business.

Business course for photographers with Ania Orlowska

Join photography business expert and owner of Booking a Photographer, Ania Orlowska for an inside look at what it takes to get more photography clients. Ania has been helping photographers like you cultivate new business for years.

(€75 limited time offer)

Hard at Work

This 5-hour training is for you if 

You are starting or long time in the business photographer who is struggling to get enough jobs

You are a photographer who is taking yourself seriously and wants to regularly work with paying clients

You have a website and all social media platforms but don't get much traffic and booking requests​

Your clients come mostly from recommendations or networking and clients love working with you

Sometimes you find yourself in misunderstandings with your clients and want to communicate more clearly

You are ready to optimize your professional presence as a photographer and work consistently 

Photography is your passion and you are committed to growing your business




During 6 modules of training we will help you improve the design of your website, price your services, and work towards closing more deals.

Register today to optimize your photography business.

Module 1. Identify Reasons Why You're Not Getting Clients

  • Understand common mistakes that prevent you from getting enough online bookings

  • Identify the weak points of your photography business

Module 2. Optimize Your Website For Sales

  • Improve the overall communication of your website to be your selling tool

  • Make your service offering clear to your clients 

  • Present your work in a way that clients feel convinced to book with you

  • Set up your “About” page to convince your clients to hit the contact button

  • Know how to speak your client’s language 

  • Learn how to use your newsletter and blog to stay top of mind for current, past, and prospective clients 

Module 3. Make Social Media Your Selling Tool

  • Learn what to post on Instagram and Facebook to get new clients

  • Discover how to show up on your social media to build connections with clients

  • Know what to post so potential customers can understand what you’re selling

  • Find out how to make it easy and efficient for you to manage your social media

Image by Daniel Korpai - camera
Avel Chuklanov- a woman working on laptop

Module 4. Close The Deal With The Client

  • Avoid losing potential clients (what scares them away)

  • Build an email template for your first response to interested clients

  • Learn how to avoid misunderstandings with your clients

  • Develop pricing packages that make you feel confident sharing proposals with potential clients 

Module 5. Upgrade Your Success Mindset 

  • See the higher purpose of your work

  • Change your mindset from scarcity to success 

  • Redefine your definition of success

  • Understand the importance of self-development to succeed

Module 6. Bonus Training

Price Your Photography Business for Profit

  • Discover various pricing strategies

  • Understand the key factors to consider when setting your price

  • Know when and how to raise your prices

  • Understand pricing psychology and perceived value

  • Get practical tools to create your annual pricing plan

  • Learn sales negotiation techniques 


Submit questions while you go through the course and Ania personally will answer via email.


(Now only €75)

Learn from real-life experience ​

Ania Orlowska



When people hire a photographer, they want the right mix of experience, style, skill, and personality. Many factors will convince clients that you are the one to hire — I will share these with you in this training.


After coordinating over 300 photoshoots — for individuals or businesses — and seeing hundreds of photographer websites, I’ve become an expert in understanding what it takes to turn a potential client into a paying customer. 


I will teach you how to get hired, what your online presence needs to look like, and how you should manage bookings to run a successful photography business. 


This hands-on information is derived directly from my successful real-life experience. 




Beth specializes in helping service-based solopreneurs get clear on their unique brilliance, business, and brand. And as a result, create more impact and income. In her special guest training (module 6), Beth will share her knowledge on pricing strategy.

Beth Farris

'The collaboration with Booking a Photographer, and Ania as the person behind it, is pleasant and clear.

It has given me quite a few assignments. As a result, my portfolio in the field of conferences and other business events has grown. And with that my own business as an independent photographer.


Even though you have to pay commission on the invoices it is more than worth it. The network I'm in now saves time on acquisition work. Highly recommended!'


Amsterdam ,NL

“I’ve been with Booking a Photographer for about a year now and love it. The clients I’ve had a chance to work with have been great and working with Booking A Photographer has been a breeze.


From job request to invoicing everything is simple and straightforward which is great for busy professionals.


I would highly recommend signing up if you are looking to work with new and exciting clients.”


London, UK

'I am very pleased with the collaboration with Ania and Booking a Photographer for several reasons. It significantly saves my time and allows me spend it not on attracting new customers but on my direct creative responsibilities.


Secondly, giving a commission to an agency that provides me customers is still more profitable than investing in expensive advertising.

Ania is always picky in her choice of photographers and she is responsible for the quality that she offers to her customers.

Thank you and hope for a long collaboration.'


Amsterdam, NL

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5 hours of training delivered to you via video recordings

Lifetime access to all recordings

Access to ask questions and get answers via email

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