Show your personality in lifestyle photo shoot in Amsterdam.

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

Meet Derek, he needed a simple head shots for work purposes. As he told us "Would like it to be fun, not too serious.' Kristina (photographer K.D.) took on this assignment and they both made it work.

The weather was great and Amsterdam's streets provide many cool, typical Amsterdam location opportunities. Not only Derek got head shots but also full body shots in a typical Amsterdam set up. Check it out for yourselves. Surely anyone can work with a photographer who can bring out the personality and make you feel comfortable.

Derek chose his photographer K.D. on the website. Although, on our website, we do give an option 'choose for me' , not all our clients use this, some people like to choose their own photographer as they can view their portfolio directly on the website. If you have a feel for it and the style speaks to you, it's your photographer. Others prefer to get suggestions on who would be the perfect match for their needs.

Either way works, just have fun with it!

You can book K.D. here:

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