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Photographer advised her to take glasses off.

Updated: Apr 19

Leila needed some portrait pictures for her resume, social media and a journalist profile. Basically something that can be used as any professional network profile picture. A bit of a serious but not too stiff of a portrait.

She booked a studio shoot with one of the photographers recommended by us in Amsterdam. It is important to know who out of our photographers owns or have access to a studio, some photographers don't work in the studio at all. We try to make sure that a client gets the photographer who is experienced in exactly the kind of photography needed.

Leila prepared her own make-up and chose the look...

Portrait of a woman with glasses

But photographer offered her the look she didn't expect with such a small detail as a picture without glasses on... It changes the way personality shows in the photos. Sometime you can just allow the photographer to take a lead and advice you on the look. They definitely have an eye for beauty and see more then we usually see in a mirror :).

Portrait of a woman in white blazer

Photos by photographer K.R.

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