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We saved this manager's time! Interior and corporate photography in The Netherlands.

Updated: Apr 19

Screenshot from gooi echt eem website

There is a very satisfying feeling to view a website that looks good and knowing that our photographer did a great job. One of our top corporate photographers in Amsterdam was hired for a quite a big project of photographing interiors, buildings and personalities at the Dutch municipalities. Photographer T.H. is an experienced Amsterdam photographer, very organised and pleasant to work with. In selecting photographers we do not only look at their portfolio but also personality, integrity and professional approach towards a client.

We do choose the best photographers for companies to save manager's time in searching the web to find the perfect match. Therefore, it is even more satisfying to hear that the client is happy with the work.

Here is what Leandro had to say:

'Very responsive team and individual approach to my needs allowed me to quickly find a perfect fit photographer. Booking with the website definitely made the process of finding a photographer much faster and time efficient. I was not only offered a few photographers to choose from but also with an advice on who is the best for my project. I am absolutely satisfied with photographer's work and will be using the website in the future.'

Thank you and we are looking forward to working with you again.

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Screenshot of gooi echt eem website

Screenshot from gooi echt eem

Screenshot from gooi echt eem website

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