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Photographer's tips for young, aspiring models.

Updated: Apr 19

A portrait of young man with blond hair

You know that you are good looking, friends tell you often that you have that model look? You start to take them seriously as modeling is an attractive and fun career. One of our Amsterdam clients took the advice seriously and needed photos of himself to show to the modeling agency. Agencies usually have some specific requirements on what kind of photos they require but most of the time they need simple pictures of you with barely any make-up to see how you look like in reality. Headshots are of course important and best done in a white t-shirt and a full boy picture in jeans to show your silhouette.

If you are aspiring model you might be looking for some useful tips on what to do to be well on your way into this career. We asked one of our top fashion photographers - K.R. on what are his suggestions for young, aspiring models:

  • Spend time looking through trending magazines to see what's on right now. What styles, what type of models are in popular at the moment as this changes all the time.

  • Find a 'big' model who is doing well out there and get to know their way of doing things, what works for them, how they do it, get inspired by them.

  • Go to the gym, if you think your stomach is flat, make it more firm, there is always something to improve.

  • Your diet dictates your skin health and skin is a very important element of a model. It's important to have a good skin.

  • Be friendly and approachable, it's easier to work with people who are kind then stuck up.

  • Just because one agency doesn't like you, doesn't mean you have to give up, don't take it personal. Keep going. No matter how many people there are in modeling industry there is always room for more.

  • Remember it's not only about your looks, it's about how the designer's clothes look on you. Do your best to enjoy what you wear and feel good about it. It shows outwards.

  • Before working with a photographer research his work and know what kind of style you can expect, rather than finding out at the day of the shoot that you don't want to do a certain style of the photos like topless or such.

By Kerron Riley (K.R.)

A portrait of a young blond man in white shirt

A young blond man sitting on a fence with crossed hands

A young blond man portrait photo

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