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How does a perfect secret proposal look like?

Updated: Apr 19

Amsterdam, with its' lovely canals, makes a perfect setting for a romantic secret proposal. Surely lots of women would be totally blown away if their boyfriends proposed on the bridge and took them on a romantic boat ride right after. There is also no doubt you would remember these moments for the rest of your life and having these captured by an Amsterdam photographer is a must!

Capturing such moments is also not for any photographer, it must be someone not only skilled in photography but also in playing undercover. Your photographer has to be pretending he is a regular bystander taking photos on the bridge while you bring your beloved lady under some kind of excuse to this bridge and kneel down. The photographer has to be prepared.

From experience, we know that the lady not always wants to stand in the exact spot you agreed on with your undercover photographer. What if she says 'I don't want to be standing in the sun' and she insists on staying in the shade where the background is far from romantic and beautiful. Your persuasion skills better be on top... She will thank you for it later!

Once you manage to successfully stand in the right spot and propose it's down the hill from this moment. The photographer can reveal himself, your girlfriend will be in the best mood you have even seen her and you both will be ready for a great romantic and full of emotions photoshoot. It doesn't get nicer than this.

Our clients in this story were absolutely delighted but also this was a well thought over plan. Everything was arranged with a photographer Kerron before hand, the location and the exact spot where the couple should be standing on. The boat, the champagne and flowers, were waiting as well. The photographer was also able to create a short video for the couple to remember this day forever.

Isn't this the perfect secret proposal?

Proposal in a sunny day in Amsterdam

Happy couple on a bridge

Happy couple on a riverside

Happy couple on a boat

Happy couple on a boat

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