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What happens behind the scenes of a fashion shoot

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Alina is preparing the make-up for our model Syd while model Rianne is waiting her turn.

Fashion photo shoots involve a lot of people in the production. When you are looking at the end result images, it seems so simple but in fact, the process is much more complex. We reveal behind the scene images of the photo shoot for a clothing brand Hemp Hoodlamb that took place in Westerpark in Amsterdam with fashion & lifestyle photographer K.R.

So what does it take to make it happen?

1. Preparation for the photo shoot starts days before the actual happening. The concept, mood boards, selection of models and location scouting for the project need to be prepared way in advance.

2. Then the big day comes and everyone is excited.

The make-up artist is one of the important puzzles of the shoot. She starts it all off with preparing the models. While the rest of team can drink some coffee :)

It kind of looks like the silence before the storm (top photo).

And everyone hopes that the weather stays nice.

3. The stylist is preparing the clothes that need to be photographed. At fashion shoots, the clothing is really the star of the day. Models help 'the star' to look at it's best by wearing the pieces. Not to take away the importance of models who play a major role but they have to make the clothes look good. That's their main task :)

4. The photographer is, of course, the important piece as he/she needs to understand the concept and have the same vision as the client. We can't emphasize enough the importance of communication skills that each photographer should have to be able to successfully work with clients. Photographer's work is not only to click the camera button but the pose models and overlook the whole composition of the photo that agrees with client's vision and brand's feeling.

5. Once the shoot starts, it often needs some time to get into the flow and get everyone into the working mood to make amazing things happen. The creative director (the client) and the photographer are working closely together to get the shots as envisioned. Now it's the time when everyone is involved, make-up artist is still on the set to make sure the models look flawless, the stylist is very busy ensuring the clothing looks proper and the models are now in full swing posing. The atmosphere is nice and buzzing, everyone is in good spirits. Next location, next piece of clothing, next pose and change again... until someone in charge calls it 'It's a wrap' :)

6. Now everyone can relax a bit, grab a drink or sandwich, it has been quite a hectic day. It's time to look through raw results (bottom photo).

Looking through the raw images with the model Syd.

We have done two different photo shoots for this clients with two different photographers on different dates: Photographer K.R. and Photographer M.A.

Behind the scene images by Thiemi Higashi

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