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Eleven girls just wanna have fun

Updated: Apr 19

A group of girls having fun

This bachelorette party in Amsterdam involved 11 girls and one awesome Amsterdam photographer K.D. We asked the photographer how she worked her magic to keep high energy and fun atmosphere.

How do u make sure the energy is high when working with a group? Or does it happen naturally?

'The most challenging was to make everyone being involved in the process and at the same time to check poses. It's important to remember few names and those people helped me to manage the group.

In this particular group, at the beginning, half of the girls were staying behind each other, trying to be invisible, but... I noticed that at the early stage...

I feel the energy at the end of the shooting. I see in what mood I leave them.

I give high five to everyone and that's basically the happiest part.'

A group of girls with umbrellas

A group of girls having fun with heart shaped balloons

A group of girls having fun with hands up

A group of girls showing their hands

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