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When you want a studio-like photoshoot at home

Updated: Apr 19

A curly haired woman in sport black outfit

Chanel asked for pictures of herself in a fitness style. She wanted to shoot in her home in Amsterdam so the photographer had to create studio-like environment in her house. It is possible to work with an experienced photographer who can work with external light to reach the results like this.

Some photographers work mostly with natural light and this kind of setting wouldn't be possible for them so when creating your ideas for a perfect photoshoot you need to take this into consideration. When you look through photographer's portfolio pay attention that some of the images are actually studio images if you even think about a shoot with a plain background, especially indoors. Some indoor locations might have enough light to shoot with only natural light but for the result like this, studio-like photos, the photographer needs to work with extra lights and you should discuss this before you book someone.

This photoshoot was done by photographer K.R. - portrait, lifestyle and fashion photographer in Amsterdam.

A curly woman in red underwear

A woman in black bodysuit

A woman dressed in black

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