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Our successes and challenges in 2017

Updated: Nov 22

Christmas photo by Amsterdam based photographer J.T.

In this year 2017 we had a pleasure to organize many photoshoots for individuals and companies. We have received a lot of positive feedback from clients about our photographers and the work they delivered.

We were also challenged to fulfill all the requests of our clients and present satisfying offers but we understand everything is a process and needs improvement.

We are constantly growing and looking for more ways to make sure our customers are satisfied.

One of our great new improvements to introduce in 2018 is #meetyourphotographer video series that will allow our clients to meet their photographer on video before they make a decision. This way not only photos will speak but also the photographer himself. We believe in photography it's not only the technical aspects that matter but also the personality of the artist!

Another great improvement and extension of our services is PERSONALIZED PHOTOGRAPHER SEARCH WORLDWIDE. Time-saving and efficient service that allows our clients to sit down and relax while we search for the most suitable photographer for them in any major city around the world. Our expertise allows us to not only find the best suitable photographer but also help with the whole booking process.

We also would like to share with you our highlights of 2017:

One of the highlights of this year was collaboration with our client Wardour Marketing and Communications Agency and Hays Journal. We were asked to deliver and coordinate the photo shoot for Mr. Chris van Steenbergen - Heineken CHRO. Photographer A.SU. was hired to work on this project and here is the feedback we have received from our client:

'I find the experience booking photographer through your site a pleasant and efficient one. There is a great choice of professional photographers and great support behind it. Our project was challenging as we weren’t able to attend, but results were fantastic. Thank you for all your help, would highly recommend to anyone!'

- Gitana, Wardour

Chris van Steenbergen, Heineken CHRO for Hays Journal

Booking A Photographer Team would like to thank all who trusted us in 2017 and allowed us to find and book a photographer suitable for their needs.

We wish all our clients and clients to be, as well as all photographers we work with:


More beautiful photos

More smiling faces

More fun & joy

Thank you!

- Ania Orlowska

Founder of Booking A Photographer

Photo by Amsterdam based photographer J.T.

Photos by our Amsterdam photographer J.T.

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