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You don't have to be a model

Updated: Apr 19

A woman with short hair photoshoot

"Every client has an idea of what they think their product or themselves should look like...but it's my job to figure out and give something they didn't expect but they are happy with...'. Amsterdam based Photographer Kerron told us this when recording #meetyourphotographer video series. Surely this applied to the photo shoot he did for Christine who needed photos for her social media.

Christine is passionate about fashion and loves to show different outfits in her social channels. No, she is not a professional model or had much experience of such work but it's photographer's job to give something unexpected and make the client feel comfortable enough to bring out the best in them.

A good photographer can see the unique beauty in each client and helps them reveal it. This skill comes not only with experience and talent but also personality. In Booking a Photographer we believe that skills and personality have the same value for the customer and their experience, that's why we allow our clients to meet their photographer on video before making a booking. #meetyourphotographer video series

The results speak for themselves.

 A woman with short hair dressed in black sweater looking at a magazine

Short haired woman sitting on green chair

Women legs and a bag

A woman in stripped shirt and hat photoshoot

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