Heineken's CHRO meets our photographer

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

One of the highlights of 2017 at Booking A Photographer was collaboration with our client Wardour Marketing and Communications Agency for Hays Journal.

We were asked to deliver and coordinate the photoshoot for Mr. Chris van Steenbergen - Heineken CHRO in a form of an editorial for Hays Journal that published an interview with Mr. Steenbergen.

Photographer Aron was hired to work on this project and here is the feedback we have received from our client:

'I find the experience booking photographer through your site a pleasant and efficient one. There is a great choice of professional photographers and great support behind it. Our project was challenging as we weren’t able to attend, but results were fantastic. Thank you for all your help, would highly recommend to anyone!'

- Gitana, Wardour

It's a great feeling to see work of our photographer in a tangible printed form. We enjoyed it!

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