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You should like the pictures of yourself

Updated: Apr 19

A black and white portrait of a man

Meet Omar, he wanted to find a photographer who would help him update his image for professional social media profiles like LinkedIn. He was open to suggestions from our side on which photographer would be a good match for this kind of work.

He looked at the profiles of all our photographers and chose someone whose style was more appealing to him. And that's great! This is also a reason why we always emphasize that photography style should be more important than price. If you chose photographers based on their style it would guarantee that you are happier with the photos.

At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable sharing these pics with the world and you have to look at yourself in these photos and feel good! This is really the purpose of quality photography. Second important point is the atmosphere that you create with your photographer during the photo shoot. It all shows in the end product.

We are happy to share this story, Omar was satisfied with the experience and the photos.

'Photographer Jeroen is very talented and he also has been very nice to me. He sent me the pictures, and they are great. I gave him some feedback and asked if he could modify a few of them, no problem. The overall experience was good. The website is well presented and easily understood. Ania and Jeroen have been friendly and empathetic.'

A portrait picture of a man in black shirt with crossed hands

Portrait photo of a man in suit

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