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Be creative with your profile pictures

Updated: Apr 19

A profile picture of a woman

We use social media for personal and often business purposes. It's important to show our image in the best form but also let's not forget about creativity.

Personal profile calls for something interesting and fun while professional profiles are a bit more restricting us to the usual portrait/headshot that shows our personality.

Take a look how our client Trisha and Amsterdam photographer Jeroen created this mix of images for social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. Black and white theme is working so well but also the crop of the photo gives so much playfulness. Simple trick but gives your photos more of a creative feel. Make sure you always discuss with your photographer what the possibilities are and ask for suggestions.

Jeroen is known for his very individual approach to the clien, he makes sure to understand the needs. It's important to know where the client will use the photos but also the idea of the images the client already has in mind. Jeroen carefully listens to what client's vision is and contributes his input to make sure the client gets the best of the possibilities. When you hire a photographer this approach surely is an advantage.

We absolutely love these images. How about you?

A smiling woman photo

Black and white photo of a smiling woman

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