Portrait photos in Amsterdam? There is more than beautiful canals.

Updated: Jan 12

Don't get tricked to think that all that Amsterdam has to offer is the beautiful canals and museums. Some areas of Amsterdam just a bit outside of the city center are as amazing with its own character that might suit your personality better. Hire a photographer who knows the best spots.

When you hire a photographer for a photo shoot in Amsterdam, it's a good idea to explore more options than just the canals. Of course, the signature photos in Amsterdam for most of the visitors are the canals or IAMsterdam sign, but ask your photographer for ideas. Don't be shy, most of the photographers know the city of Amsterdam and great spots for the pictures.

These photos you are about to see below were taken in the area of Amsterdam called de Pijp. It's a beautiful blend of the typical Amsterdam buildings and more of a regular city life feeling as opposed to a very touristy version of the city center.

When you work with a talented Amsterdam photographer like Kristina D. who took these pictures you can be sure that her eye for great composition will select the best spots in the area for you.

Which area of Amsterdam would suit your personality?

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