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Moving or posing images for bloggers?

Updated: Apr 19

A smiling man with white t-shirt walking on a sidewalk

There are many different ways to take a photo, but most of us think that when having a photoshoot it means you have to pose. Then many others think that they can't pose like a model and they won't look good on a photo. Is posing the only way? No!

Surely bloggers and influencers who have been in this business for a while are aware that in fact to come across more as a 'regular' person moving images are the best way to show more personality.

Blogger's success is based on the number of people who can relate to them and be interested in what they share, so showing yourself in the most natural way is the key. The challenge is to come across as you are yet still in a professional manner.

Therefore moving images are great for showing natural movement and creating a more natural look. It gives a feeling to the viewer that they are actually watching the person in action in their daily life.

Not everyone is a typical model type but that doesn't mean that you can't have a professional photoshoot which will capture your personality.

When hiring a photographer ask him if moving images is something he has worked with before and is comfortable with this work. There are some tricks of the trade to this work so make sure your photographer knows how to take images like this.

Our client in this story worked with Amsterdam photographer - Johnathan.

We asked Johnathan what's great about this type of images.

'I think these moving pictures are best fit for those who have a blog or aspire to begin a blog that want really show their personality through these images. It's all about capturing them in a great moment having a great time.'

A man walking on a sidewalk looking down

A man in white t-shirt standing on the river shore

A smiling man in white t-shirt on a sidewalk

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