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I recorded a music video in Lebanon

Updated: Nov 22

Salim Assaf is a popular singer/producer in Beirut, Lebanon. About a year ago he visited Amsterdam and worked with our talented team, photographer Kerron and videographer Ivaylo.

Parts of the video footage from a photoshoot were incorporated into a music video that reached over one million views within a month of a release. 

This time our Amsterdam videographer - Ivaylo was hired by Salim Assaf to work on his new music video fully recorded in Lebanon. This video was completely produced by Ivaylo, it took 2 full days of intense recordings. It's a beautiful love story. 

Watch it, see if you can understand the story without speaking the language :)

Great work Ivaylo!

We love to see these great creative collaborations happen when our clients come back for more...

Some projects require hiring photographer and videographer at the same time. We find photographers and video teams for businesses and individuals. 

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