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Emotion of the corporate event

Updated: Apr 19

People on an even

When businesses hire an event photographer to document a conference in Amsterdam, they want them to capture the emotions, the atmosphere, the feeling.

Every event is special and original yet they might look a bit the same from the far. The big conference rooms, tables, screen, banners, and people.

It's important that your corporate event photographer understands that you would like to capture the emotion of the event. The feeling of the event dwells in the details, in people's face impressions, in their actions and movement.

Our event photographer Thiemi understands this need perfectly. She photographed one of the events at AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam.

Our clients appreciate it:

“Thiemi was just amazing! She has a very easy-going personality but is professional at the same time. I can highly recommend her if you have a business event and you would like to have high-quality photos. She took great shots at our event and we would love to work with her again next time!”

- Lena, Project manager at Virology Education

A man and woman talking

A man with glasses lookin at his phone

Two man talking to each other

A man with glasses writing down in his notebook

An event hall full of people

A man with glasses taking a photo on an event

An event presentation

Woman speaking on a microphone on an event

Flyers of an event

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