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Engagement documented by love photographer

Updated: Apr 18

Photo of engagement rings

In the times when secret proposals on the bridge in Amsterdam are very popular, the intimate engagement at home with family presence is also very romantic. Hiring love photographer who will be there to capture the beautiful ceremony allows you to keep these memories in a tangible form for the rest of your life.

This way of proposing might not be the most popular because it is celebrated behind the closed door and not always documented.

This couple hired our engagement photographer Melanie to be present at this special event and photograph the moments with the family. It is important that your photographer understands the intimacy of these moments and plays a very 'invisible' role.

Many people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera or even when they know a camera is pointed at them. They need a bit of time to get used it and feel comfortable. It is always smart to hire a photographer for extra time to make sure everyone gets used to his/her presence and the camera becomes a part of the event rather than a distraction.

You also want to make sure that the photographer is a nice person to have around, you don't want to have a grumpy or 'loud' person taking the photos in these intimate moments. :)

At Booking a Photographer we pay attention not only to the portfolio of our photographers but also their personalities, making sure you work with kind and friendly people with excellent photography skills.

Congratulations to our beautiful clients!

Engagement photographer

Family at the engagement

Family event photographer

Family photo at the engagement of a young couple

Engagement photographer in Amsterdam

Engagement in Amsterdam

Engagement captured by photographer

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