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How to find your perfect photographer.

Updated: Nov 22

Black and white photoshoot

The day comes when you need these professional looking photos and asking a friend to take one of you with your iPhone just wouldn't do it anymore. You go online and start looking for a photographer with experience and skills and you go through many websites and it is still hard to decide who is good enough. In my daily practice of running this photographer booking platform - Booking A Photographer, I see people who struggle to choose one and they ask me to suggest a person.

The thing is, they all are good enough on a certain level, mostly their level and expertise is reflected in the price but I wouldn't even take this completely for a guarantee of success... Photographer's work needs to speak to you when you look at a photo you should stop and stare and think 'wow, this is beautiful!. And you look at more photos and they have the style and feel that is pleasurable for your eyes. In fact, photography is like art, one painting is ugly for you but your mom loves it, it is a very personal choice. But... there are also other qualities besides talent that are as important.

Your photographer should be: communicative, kind, easy going, even a bit funny to make you feel relaxed during the shoot and bring out the best in you. Your photographer should be a magician who reads your mind and knows exactly how you imagined yourself looking in this final photo...Yes, I know you all would like that but no, they can't do this! Your photographer should also be organized and on time. True, although you should know that in reality many highly creative people lack managerial skills, in return, they deliver some outstanding looking images that after you see it you will forgive them for being late to your shoot!

In other words, you have to enjoy the whole process with ups and downs, from selection to creative outcome, have fun with it and find the photographer you connect with.

Portrait photo of smiling young man

Some photographers could make you feel so relaxed that you would smile so truly - photographer: Thiemi.

Smiling young woman on her laptop

Or that you show your lifestyle and personality - photographer: Maria

A smiling man sitting on the sidewalk

or they would capture your personality on location - photographer: Kristina

Black and white photoshoot

or it could be more arty and creative and so raw - photographer: Kerron.

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