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Team photos to market your services

Updated: 5 days ago

Team photos in Amsterdam

Your team is your company's asset. It represents your business and needs to be celebrated. Our clients use team photos to encourage new talent to join their teams or to market their services and products. In this post, we will take a look at what kind of images a photographer can create with your team.

Team photos in Amsterdam

Team in action photos

These images are meant to show the natural flow of work within your team. The images should look as natural as possible as if the photographer is only an observer catching the action. Although these photos look like taken spontaneously, these are actually staged. The photographer will help you set up a scene so that it all looks very natural.

(photo by commercial photographer Aron)

Team in action in the office photos

Showcasing your product or service

Of course, it depends on the product and its use but it could be your aim to show your product and your team using it. In this case, our client's product/service is an online analytics tool, therefore shown with the use of laptop and the team in action.

(photo by commercial photographer Aron)

Portrait photographer in Amsterdam

Emphasis on the interior

If your office space is something to be proud of and an asset to the team, your photographer will be able to focus on interior attributes when photographing the team. If this is one of your requirements it's wise to hire a photographer who has experience in photographing interiors and knows how to implement this into the team photos

(photo by commercial photographer Aron)

Professional headshot photographer Amsterdam

Individual team portraits

While team images are super important, individual portraits are as valuable. When working with teams the photographer may set up a separate space to take individual images of the team or implement the office backgrounds to use as backdrops. It all depends on the preferences of the client.

The team photo session is a great opportunity to have a headshot photoshoot as well, instead of booking a separate day for a session, all can be done in one go.

(photo by commercial photographer Aron)

professional portrait photographer in Amsterdam

Individual action photos

A different approach to individual portraits is to take a photo when at work. It's also staged but the individual is not looking straight and acknowledging the camera but rather showing the action.

(photo by portrait photographer Jimmy)

Team photo photographer

Redesigned team photos

Instead of typical team photos where everyone stands in a straight line looking at the camera, the images can be more engaging, it adds more easy going flow and creates more movement.

(photo by portrait photographer Jimmy)

Office images in Amsterdam

Showing the office ambiance

The aim is to show what is happening in the office and capture the atmosphere. This is done by the photographer actually capturing natural moments when the team interacts with each other.

(photo by portrait photographer Jimmy)

team photos in amsterdam

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