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My photographer was my 'stalker'. Secret proposal in Amsterdam.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Black and white photo of a couple holding hands

This will be a very romantic story about a couple visiting Amsterdam and their 'stalker' photographer. Carlos contacted us about his trip to Amsterdam and a plan of proposing to his girlfriend. It was a secret surprise for his love Katia. He needed a photographer in Amsterdam who would capture this special moment but... undercover! His girlfriend wasn't supposed to know anything about this plan and about the hidden photographer.

Sometimes things don't go as we all plan and a previously booked photographer had to cancel last minute due to personal reasons. I had about 3 hours to find someone available who can capture the beauty of such occasion and be able to play the invisible man. It was a bit of a challenge but we managed.

Sean met the couple in the lobby of the hotel after only seeing their photos to be able to recognise them. The photographer secretly followed the couple while they both took a walk through the streets of Amsterdam until they reached a bridge where Carlos pulled out the ring. Luckily Sean didn't blow his cover and managed to take some pictures as they walked. I call it 'the stalker' photos :) Afterwards they also enjoyed a small love photo shoot in Amsterdam around Museumplein.

On behalf of Booking A Photographer we would like to wish you both all the love and happiness to last a lifetime!

Proposal on a bridge in Amsterdam

Black and white photo of a couple holding hands

Black and white photo of a couple holding hands with an engagement ring

A happy couple

Happy couple in front of a tree


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