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AIDS 2018 Conference in Amsterdam

Updated: Apr 18

AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam

We had a pleasure to cover one of the most significant events held in Amsterdam, AIDS 2018.

The International AIDS Conference is the largest conference on any global health or development issues in the world.

The event was held in convention centre RAI and our client UNAIDS was part of this big event. Our event photographer Aron was there to capture the essence of this conference.

We have also asked Aron about his experience with photographing corporate events as we are curious to see what the photographer is focusing on when shooting an event like this.

'Corporate event photography, in general, is documenting, but on the other side, it’s also an opportunity to capture good portraits, atmospheres, emotional or meaningful moments. The venues are also really attractive many times, so as an architectural photographer too, I always love to combine these fields. And it’s always a good chance to hear many great speakers, to learn and meet interesting and professional people.

I’m always delivering a diverse collection that is telling the whole story of the event. A perfect set that covers all the happenings, crowds and venues in the best visual translation. The most challenging part is to be on many places in the same time when the thing happen in the same time during big events, but I love the rush, it makes me more energetic and focused.' - ARON

People at the AIDS 2018 conference

Condomize at AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam

Event photographer at AIDS 2018

Event photographer in Amsterdam

Speakers at AIDS 2018

Speaker at the conference in Amsterdam

Participants of the conference AIDS 2018

Conference at the RAI Amsterdam

Event Photography in Amsterdam

Amsterdam RAI photos

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