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E-commerce product photos for online stores

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

product photo watch

A product photo can make or break the online shop. The main role of a good product photo is to showcase the product in its best and most authentic way possible for the client to be convinced to buy. Your e-commerce business will thank you for high-quality product images that speak more than a thousand words. Let's take a look at how your product photographer can help you create amazing photos of your next collection that sell for you.

Product image photographer

Your online buyers want to see the details of your product as if they can touch it. Since they buy online it is an additional challenge to imagine how the product will look like in reality. That's why creating different types of images will help you achieve this.

Product photos with the background will showcase the product with its details.

The lighting and post production play very important role in these photos so your photographer needs a lot of experience and technical skills to make it happen.

Secondly, lifestyle images will give your buyers an idea of how the product looks like in reality and in use. Your photographer needs experience working with models for this part to be able to pose and capture the right movement.

Screenshot from an online shop for watches

In this article you can see the images in use on the website and how it composes with the texts. Our product photographer Jeroen worked with the client to create these images.

The important part was the understanding of the whole collection and its look, feel and general concept. For the photographer it's important to know all the details including the use of photos and formats needed. For more information on what details need to be communicated with the photographer read this article.

Product photographer e-commerce photos

Product photographer e-commerce

Screenshot of a watch from online store

Watches product photos photographer in Amsterdam

Product photographer in Amsterdam

Screenshot from website of a watch

Bracelet photo product photography

Screenshot from website of bracelets

Product photos in Amsterdam

Online store screenshot of bracelets

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Diana Bodnarenco
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