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Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Four people leaning on a railing looking down

When applying for a new job, do you care what kind of building you will be working in?

Of course, you do!

Cause you will have to spend a lot of time in this place, it must be cozy and comfortable, inviting and provoking good work environment.

This is the reason why municipalities in the Netherlands hire our real estate photographer Thiemi to document their workspace and environment so they can invite the best talent out there to join their teams. The progressive and smart attitude of the management.

We help businesses to find and hire the best photographers in Amsterdam and the area. Booking a Photographer entered into a collaboration with the Jobs Republic who coordinate these architecture photoshoots for municipalities.

Up to date, our Amsterdam based photographer Thiemi photographed over 15 municipalities.

Some of the places include:

BEL combinatie

Gemeente Huizen

Gemeente Leidschendam-Voorburg

Gemeente Naarden

Gemeente Nijkerk

Gemeente Weesp

Gemeente Wijdemeren

Regio Bussum

Stadhuis Lelystad

Gemeente Leusden

Gemeente Opmeer

Gemeente Weststellingwerf

Gemeente Epe

A screenshot form a website

Above is a snippet of how the images are used on the website.

Below more images from the work of real estate photographer Thiemi.

Two men looking at a map in an office

A building from the inside

Man and woman in on white table looking at tablet

Decorative lights in a building

Yellow couch with table

A building


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