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Need a photographer for your trade show in Amsterdam?

Updated: Apr 18

Trade fairs are exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services. These events require skilled event #photographers who will combine elements of interior photos, event photos and product images at the same time. What can you expect?

A showroom

Focus on photographing the exhibition booth

Trade shows require an extra effort in presenting the company's space as appealing and interesting enough to catch the attention of the visitors. It's an important part of the whole event and needs to be presented on the photos as such. Often photographed without visitors before the event starts if it's possible. The photographer needs to be familiar with photoshooting big spaces and have a great idea about the composition of the interior photos.

A showroom with white chairs and table

Capture your visitor's interest in your product

Event photographers are skilled in capturing the atmosphere and the expressions of the visitors. It's their main purpose as an event photographer to make sure the images reflect the feeling of the event also through visitor's emotions. At the trade show, the photographer ensures to capture the interest of your attendees who interact with your product or service.

Three women looking down

Get photos of your displayed product

At the trade show, the most important role is given to the product or service, that's what you want to sell. The photographer will also pay attention to it and present it in a way it was displayed at the exhibition. Although product photography is a completely different category, your professional photographer will deliver some of the images of a product in the display.

In this post, our client worked with our Amsterdam photographer Aron.

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Product photography

Products photography

A man with glasses looking down

A group of people

Man and woman looking down at something

Man showing a woman something

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