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What to expect from a wedding photographer

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

amsterdam wedding photographer

In the face of the pandemic, many weddings were either canceled or postponed. Depending on the restrictions given by the government is it still possible to celebrate in style. Most of the wedding locations in the Netherlands are fully booked for the next year, it's time to select your wedding photographer.

What can u expect from your wedding photographer?

photo of a beautiful bride in Amsterdam
  1. Offer of different packages

Weddings start with preparations of the bride and groom at home. You can book a photographer for different times, to choose from half a day or full day shoots.

Some photographers will accommodate small weddings and photos will be taken mainly in city hall and outdoor session.

Wedding is such a significant event in your life that we highly recommend hiring a photographer for the whole day, where he or she will be with you from the moment you start the make up till the end of the party. Missing none of the meaningful moments.

wedding photos in Amsterdam bride's shoes

2. Expect your photographer to create the whole photo story from your wedding.

Photo story is a complete 'walk through' your whole big day. This, includes not only the photos of bride and groom and all the participants, but may include images of small details, like rings, and shoes and any other beautiful elements that a good photographer has an eye for. Gestures, holding hands... small but significant expressions of love.

Wedding photos in Amsterdam

3. Capturing the beauty of a bride and groom.

In all different possible scenarios, the main personalities of the day are captured and shown in the best possible light. A great wedding photographer will guide you through the whole process of how you can pose yourself to make the best out of the beautiful dress and express your happiness. So not only the show your special moments but treat you like a model of the day and create a specific photoshoot for the couple only so you can print these in big size later.

Amsterdam wedding photographer

4, Taking the most important action shots.

Weddings are about fun, celebration, love and laughter and sharing the moments. Your photographer has eyes on all these elements at all times. From you walking thru the door to cutting the cake to kissing the groom. It's all about these actions that need to be captured and kept forever.

Just married couple

small wedding photographer  in Amsterdam

5. Opt-in for video and photo.

Some photographers offer video as well. Although photos are usually the first choice for the couples planning their wedding, video is such an amazing form of capturing emotions and the atmosphere. Ask your photographer if they offer additional video services and they come as a team of video and photo professionals. Keep in mind that it's not recommended that the same photographer does photos and video at the same time, unless you only want short snippets of the wedding put into a short video.

The team of photographer and videographer is the best option if you want to have a recording of the whole celebration, music, voices. Also, when bought as a package it saves you money. Ask your photographer for details.

In this post our wedding photographer Lana was there to capture the love at this intimate, charming, outdoor wedding in Amsterdam.

wedding in Amsterdam champagne bottle

guests clapping to a  beautiful bride holding wedding bouquet

A beautiful wedding cake with strawberries and a Just Married topper



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