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The photographer exceeded my expectations.

Updated: Apr 19

Raffaella has contacted us with an unusual request for a photographer who will document her walk through Amsterdam. She needed the images to be creative and capturing the idea she had in mind.

It's also a very important skill we are looking for in a photographer, the skill to listen and understand what a client needs and then be able to deliver it in high-quality photos.

We asked Raffaella about the inspired by Anne Frank theater performance and the role the photos taken by our photographer played in this project.

A scene from the street

The actress and the project

'My experience as an actress is deeply related to theater, mostly with the theater company that I’ve been working with since 1998, named Viartisti Company in Italy, Turin.

Since 5 years I’ve been developing a project about 3 young female icons of courage: Maria, Jesus’s mother, a show based on the words of an Italian writer that I love, whose name is Erri De Luca; Anne Frank, a show based on an imaginary dialogue between Anne Frank and her tree. This time my research has been focused mostly on movement, body in space; and the third icon I’m still working on is Malala, the young Nobel Peace Prize winner, for this project I’m also the author of the dramaturgy, for which I’m making available my adolescence memories.'

A scene from the street

The walk of Anne Frank and the photographer

'When I started working on Anne Frank project I felt the need to go deeper in my artistic research. My purpose was to create a show over the tree that Anne Frank saw through a window of the Secret Annexe. I was ready to create a link with the past and I was looking for a way to create a bridge with me, in a contemporary way to face what we call “memory”.

I was curious about the last walk of Anne Frank, from the flat located in Amsterdam, in Merwedeplein, to the Secret Annexe located in Prinsengracht. I needed a documentation of my walk through photography.

Thanks to Booking a Photographer I was able to find a photographer in Amsterdam. Kerron (photographer K.R.) grasped my idea with great refinement, embryonical elements that I had in min at that time. I have to admit that he exceeded my expectations. He also helped me to develop ideas further. And this way Booking a Photographer answered to all my needs.'

The role of the images

'When I saw the pictures, they gave me force, and I decided to show them at the end of my show, telling the audience the story of my walk. One of the photographs has become the show’s poster.

It’s the first time that I chose the language of photographs in my work. It’s a powerful language. In some way, the photos emphasize the meaning you are looking for. And It also gives a lot of possibilities for an artist to present the idea.'


'Then I had the desire to share my walk experience with other performers and citizens. During my second visit to Amsterdam in July 2017, I made a short performance in front of the murals that Eduardo Kobra has dedicated to Anne Frank, located in NSDM, my way to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the entrance in the Secret Annexe of the Frank family. Kerron was there with me to capture the performance and again he understood the project completely.'

Graffiti art

'The pics of my last visit will be part of a dossier that I will use to seek financial support for my next step in 2018: on the 6th of July 2018, my desire is to create a walk with other people (almost 70 artists and citizens) and a collective performance in front of the murals. Kerron will be there with us for sure!

Thank you so much Booking a Photographer!!!'

View Raffaella's project

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