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Colourful portrait to show your style

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

There are many different kind of portraits that a photographer can do. Take a look at this portrait photoshoot in Amsterdam studio. We asked our client, singer/songwriter Cindy - Louise about her experience.

A woman with short brown hair lightened by pink light

How did you like the photoshoot experience?

So firstly I loved working with make-up artist Alina and a photographer Ofir. I had an amazing time. Everything was very organized and totally relaxed and professional. 

How was your experience with Booking a Photographer?

Booking with “booking a photographer” was a super easy and overall great experience. Ania was very helpful with suggestions and super organized which made the experience even more amazing for me. 

What was the purpose of this photoshoot?

As an upcoming singer/songwriter I had to get new photos done for my social media and portfolio. These pictures and the people I work with are very important because we have to connect on a creative level, which we most definitely did in this photoshoot. These photos were very important to me because it was my first exposure and announcement for my musical career path. In saying that the image I portray of myself, for sure reflect my personality and music that will be coming out soon. 

Did you come across any challenges during the photoshoot?

I faced some challenges when it came to relaxing in front of the camera, but photographer Ofir put me at ease and totally helped me embrace my creativity and the photos came out even better then I could have imagined. 

Also, Alina did my make-up and hair and was such a joy to work with the whole day. Her creativity helped enhance my look and features. 

We worked together as an amazing team, helping one another to ensure a fun and progressive day.

A woman looking up lightened by orange lights

A woman on pink font surrounded by balloons

A woman in white shirt surrounded by decorative lights


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