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Photographer made me step out of my comfort zone

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Photoshoot of underwear on the riverside

'I'm originally from South Africa but have been traveling and working abroad on luxury yachts for a year now. It was not until I worked on my last yacht, that I dedicated myself more to my passion for fitness and modeling, as my yacht was on sale.

I began posting videos of my workouts on Instagram and met up with a well known photographer in Milan to have my first photoshoot. I started getting some attention from photographers on my Instagram. Which not all of them were as professional as their photography and I've had some uncomfortable encounters.

Photoshoot of underwear

About a month ago my boat finally got sold and I decided to travel before my VISA ran out. I traveled to places where I knew modeling and photography are quite big and tried to find photographers there so that I can build my portfolio. I traveled to France, Germany and Amsterdam.

Because of my previous bad experiences with meeting some photographers, I was happy to find Booking a Photographer on Instagram by searching through the hashtag on Instagram #amsterdamphotographer.

Here I found Booking a Photographer's page and scrolled through to find I always enlarged the photos of the photographer Kerron I loved his style and found that his work would fit my personality. So I got in contact with Booking a Photographer and they highly recommended Kerron.

Photoshoot of underwear on the riverside in Amsterdam

Upon meeting Kerron he was really cool, calm and camera ready! And here I thought we would just meet up to discuss the possibility of a shoot! He has a way of making you feel really relaxed and at ease. Making you familiar with the environment and he even acted as my tour guide! Amsterdam was very overwhelming for me to be honest and I felt afraid at times as I was traveling alone. Kerron showed me around and made me feel safer.

When we started to really work and he showed me the pictures, I was blown away. He was even better than I expected and the experience was incredible. I feel that he allowed me to grow and step out of my comfort zone a lot more. He is highly professional and truly loves what he does. He has amazing stories to tell too.

I highly recommend Kerron to someone who would love a professional yet laid back experience. Kerron's passion speaks through his photography and his presence.

I hope to come back to Amsterdam soon and have the opportunity to work with him again!

- Simone

Photoshoot in Amsterdam

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