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This photographer wasn't ready...

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Love photoshoot in Amsterdam

Nidia was looking for a photographer in Amsterdam to do a love photoshoot with her husband. Seemed like a regular request... Photographer Manuela is a specialist in photographing couples and individuals in the streets of Amsterdam.

Nidia and her husband met up with the photographer in the agreed upfront place. The photoshoot was fun and going well until the moment when Nadia's husband pulled out a ring! Manuela wasn't ready for it, nobody told her she will need to capture such a special moment!

Luckily, even tho really surprised, she was prepared and also really moved by this gesture. Our photographers witness many beautiful moments and our clients love to work with them.

But let Nidia herself tell you the whole story :)

'We wanted to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary with a trip to Amsterdam and a photoshoot! We had never hired a photographer before (not even for our wedding!) So, I thought it was time to do it! And what better place than Amsterdam, our honeymoon destination 10 years ago!

I contacted to inquire about one of their photographers who turned out to be unavailable. They immediately sent me Manuela's portfolio, which I loved! Manuela was very flexible with the schedule from the start.

We were not sure what to expect and thought it was going to be awkward (you know, being outside, people walking by, us posing, etc) but it wasn't! it felt so natural. Manuela walked us through the process and took us to the most amazing locations. Halfway through the photoshoot, my husband pulled out a ring out of nowhere! I had no idea! Since I booked the photoshoot, Manuela didn't know about the ring either, so she just went with it and captured the moment beautifully!

I am really happy that Manuela was there to capture the moment and that now we'll have these beautiful photos to remember our wedding anniversary in Amsterdam.'

- Nidia

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