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Why you should add flowers to your photoshoot

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

A happy couple on a filed full of tulips

Flower fields of Keukenhof in the Netherlands are definitely breathtaking. It's an excellent spot for photographers who create extraordinary images in this short blooming season.

> Flowers add these amazing vibrant colors to your photos.

> They allow more playfulness and beauty to show in your images.

> They almost play a more important role then you in the picture (no offense!) yet allowing you to take all the attention while they give the perfect background.

> Flowers make your personality show as more soft and 'cute', it's a great addition to more feminine photos for the ladies or love photoshoots for couples.

> Flowers enhance the 'love' feeling of your images.

But remember also that not only flower fields allow you to get all these benefits of 'mood' enhancement in your photos, you can also add simple flower bouquets to your pictures in the city center. Or when hiring a photographer, you can visit Hortus Botanicus garden in the middle of the city to catch some of the nature feeling in your images.

Not everyone is visiting Holland in the right time for this special but short season of Keukenhof flower fields but those who did will remember it forever. Our clients hired photographer Kristina K. who is our specialist in flower photos and they had a great time even on a rainy day.

Let us say no more... allow them to talk about their experience and let the photos speak a thousand words.

"Thanks, Kristina for the wonderful experience we had at Keukenhof. It was magical!

Your passion for photography was very inspirational for us! Because of that, we didn't even bother about adverse climatic conditions!

We enjoyed every moment. Thank you once again! And God bless!

Last but not least, we want to say thanks to Ania, this wouldn't have been possible without your constant support during every stage!

You did an excellent service in coordinating the event! It was impeccable professionalism! Thank you!'

- Tribue

Field of tulips

Happy couple with hats in a green tunnel of plants

A woman in the middle of red tulip field

A couple holding hands in the middle of tulip garden

Happy couple looking at each other in a tulip garden

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