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6 things to discuss with your product photographer

Updated: Apr 18

Product photography by Amsterdam product photographer

Your product photographer needs to know a few things before the photoshoot.

New Year brings new ideas, new business ventures, new possibilities. If you are a business owner selling products, there is no doubt you will have to go on a date with product photography.

Your products need images appealing to your customers that will convince them to buy from you.

There is no avoiding this move in your business and surely you are aware of this already.

Here are a few tips on what to expect when you want to arrange a product photoshoot.

Let's assume in this case that you have already selected a commercial photographer in Amsterdam you want to work with.

What's next?

1. Specify what kind of images you will need

There are product images shot in the studio, with white background easily used on the website or in web shops to showcase your product's attributes and all the elements.

Images for webshops vary as well. Some may need a 3 D effect and be shown from every angle, where others can be shown in one overview image.

There is also a possibility for images to be shown in a conceptual setting, with other elements in the photo (see examples below)

Finally, some images show your product in use. For these images you will need a model who will present the use of your product. You want these images to be appealing to your ideal customers so choosing the right style is essential.

2. Prepare mood board

or at least have an example of the images, you find online that will show the photographer your what kind of pictures you are after.

3. Realize it might require production team.

This means that in order to deliver high- quality images there is a whole team of people needed. Model, makeup artist, stylist and a photographer.

Some photographers may help you with the production which is a nice bonus since they already have a team of people they work with, it is a smart way to go about it to save your time. Always discuss upfront with the photographer what will be the extra cost of taking care of the production.

4. Find a location.

Here again, it is up to you and the photographer to find a suitable location, sometimes the location that looks great might require extra lighting set up and that also might involve additional equipment rental costs.

Discuss with your photographer whether he can help you find a location or if you have some in mind to do a location check to make sure the place is suitable.

5. Decide how many final images you will need.

It's crucial for you and the photographer to know the final amount of images you will need and receive. This, of course, is needed for the photographer to give you the right price quote.

It doesn't mean that the number can't be higher in case you really like the photos you will be able to order more. Agree with the photographer about the price for extra images.

6. Calculate the time for post-production.

The photoshoot itself is the major part of the work but not for a photographer. Photographers spend a lot of time on post-production to deliver the quality that is commercial enough for your product photos to look professional. Make sure you calculate this in your planning so you don't have to pressure the photographer to deliver all the images very quickly. Some photographers add an extra charge for urgent delivery.

The images you view in this post were created by our product photographer - Jeroen. Jeroen has lots of experience in product photography working for big online stores as in-house photographer. He also took care of the production process including location scouting.

Product photography by Amsterdam photographer

Product photographer working in studio

Product images for webshops

Conceptual product photographer

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