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Product photography for health industry

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

White and grey sneakres

In today's world health products are essential to our wellbeing. From supplements that boost our immune system to protective gear that shields us, it all needs great photos that show the functionality and features. Product photographers are always busy creating images whether in studio setting or on location where models show products in use.

What to consider when hiring product photographer.

Photographer's experience in studio

As a product seller, you will know exactly what kind of images you need to create with your photographer. If you need images done in studio only, using different colour backgrounds, often needed for webshops, or in studio with models, pay attention to the photographer's skills. Some product photographers specialize in product photography using natural light. In this case the photographer will not be suitable for a shoot in the studio. Product photography requires great knowledge of lighting use so your photographer needs to specialize in studio photography to be a good match.

Prepare a detailed brief of what kind of images you need

The more detailed the description of the images you want to create the more satisfying the results. A clear idea of what your product photos need to look like is crucial information for the photographer. You can also discuss with the photographer the ideas and what is possible to implement if you need this kind of help. Indicate this requirement beforehand so the photographer knows your intentions.

Product's features and styling

Product photographers often work with product stylists who are on set to make sure the setting of the images is what you wanted to create. The requirement for a stylist depends on what kind of photos you need but it's something you need to keep in mind as a possible requirement, again the photographer will be able to advise you if a stylist is necessary for the shoot.

Photographer's skills in lifestyle photography

When working with models that show products in use, the photographer needs to be experienced in lifestyle photos and work with people. Some photographers strictly create studio images and some others work with models that show products.

Depending on your concept take into consideration what kind of photos the photographer is specialising in to get the best results.

In this particular photoshoot for our client we hired our product photographer Aron to set up a studio-like environment on location and work with both product only and models as well. Contact us for more help choosing the right photographer for your needs.

A man in blue safety costume

A tool

A woman in blue safety costume and glasses

A metal in white bag

A person in blue safety costume


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