From Amsterdam to Zanse Schans

Updated: Jan 12

Zanse Schans, near Amsterdam, is a place with historical windmills and characteristic green wooden houses that were relocated here to recreate the look of an 18th/19th-century village. It's definitely a great scenery to capture in your photoshoot with a professional photographer.

Visitors often don't realise how close this magical place is from Amsterdam. Our clients had a small dilemma when hiring one of our Amsterdam photographers. They wanted to capture their visit to Zanse Schans but also knew that photos in Amsterdam are amazing. After discussing possibilities with their photographer Manuela, they decided they don't want to compromise. They went to both places, despite cloudy skies and cold weather.

Check out how fantastic their trip turned out to be.

Started off in Amsterdam streets and beautiful family photos by the canals.

Later, in Zanse Schans the photoshoot continued.

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