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Hiring a professional headshot photographer

Updated: Apr 18

Headshot photographer in Amsterdam

Headshots are one of the most wanted photos in the corporate world. Companies hire professional headshot photographers in Amsterdam to take perfect photos of company employees. What should you consider when you organise a corporate headshots photoshoot?

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A portrait photo of a smiling man with glasses

1. Location for the photoshoot

Professional portrait photographer should have an efficient equipment to set up a studio like space in the company premises. You will need to discuss with the photographer where is the best spot for this. By setting up proper studio-like space with proper lighting in the company, all the headshots can be taken there instead of sending all the employees to photographer's studio somewhere in the city.

2. Makeup makes photos better

As we all know, professional photos look much better when you are working with a makeup artist. It is wrong to think that make-up artist will have to put on a full on makeup on men and women. Her role is to simply make sure that any impurities like pimples, red spots are covered and skin is looking fresh and matt, in opposite to shiny, greasy skin. She will also take care of the hair to straighten any loose, wild hair pieces that show very clearly on close up photos.

3. Variety of backgrounds for the photos

There are many different types of background that can be used in headshots, from plain white, to colour backgrounds, to brick walls or any other signature wall in the company offices. Headshots don't have to be boring and always plain. Discuss with your headshot photographer what are the possibilities. Below in this post you can see a variety of headshots and business portraits with different backgrounds and settings.

4. Amount of people that need headshots

Always take into consideration the amount of people that need to be photographed on a day. It takes about 10 min per person for a photographer to take these great shots. It will take longer of course when there is make-up artist working as well, as she will need more time approx. 10-15 min to prepare one person. There is also delays in between each person who need to get comfortable for the shot. It also takes time to set up studio and lighting. Please keep in mind these are approximate time frames and each photographer works differently so please discuss this upfront.

In this particular post you can explore the variety of headshots and business portraits with different backgrounds and settings. All photos were taken for our various clients by our Amsterdam photographer Aron.

Professional headshot for business people

Professional headshot photo

A man with glasses smiling

 A man with beard

A woman with red burka smiling

A portrait photo pf a man with blue blazer and white shirt

A man with crossed hands

A man with glasses smiling

A portrait of man in black costume

A man in black costume crossing hands

A portrait of smiling man in grey costume

A woman in black dress smiling

A man in brown blazer sitting on chair

A woman in black blazer with her hands in pockets

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