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My wedding photo shoot in The Netherlands

Updated: Apr 18

Altug and Deniz on their honeymoon in Amsterdam having a wedding photo shoot.

Altug emailed us requesting a wedding photographer in Amsterdam who can do a pre-wedding type of shoot for him and his wife, in their wedding clothes while on honeymoon in Holland. Maybe it all sounds in a wrong order but sometimes you have to think outside the box.

He left it all up to us. We picked a photographer who is not only great in working with couples but also really friendly and pleasant to welcome the couple and make them feel comfortable.

Photographer Thiemi was available on a given date and she also suggested the spots to shoot. We arranged make-up artist Olga for the couple who prepared the bride in their hotel. With everything being arranged and the photographer overlooking the preparations, all went smooth, pleasant and fun.

Our clients had a good time and beautiful photos to last a lifetime.

"We were having our honeymoon in Amsterdam and were looking for a photographer. We reached Booking a site and after they learned our preferences they recommended Thiemi and it was lovely working with her.

She was with us from the morning makeup till the end of photo shoots, she took us to her private studio for indoor shooting and a fabulous lake where we did the outdoor shooting. She was so warm, so kind, so friendly. Before the shooting, she talked with us and understood what kind of photos we were asking for. Her positive energy, humble attitude, and professionalism resulted in marvelous photos. It was one of the best decisions to make the shooting in our honeymoon and take our wedding clothes to Amsterdam. We really love this experience and recommend it to everyone."

- Altug and Deniz

Photographed by photographer Thiemi.

On behalf of Booking A Photographer we would like to wish you, Altug and Deniz, happy ever after!

Beautiful wedding shoot by the lake outside Amsterdam.

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