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Social media images for artists

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

studio photoshoot in Amsterdam

In today's social media world every artist whether a musician or visual artist needs to be present online. Not only the presence but also the quality of the images and posts are crucial to building a following that turns into fans. Those who do not embrace the importance of social media in building a personal brand loose great opportunity to promote their talents and reach a wider audience for free.

Instagram and Facebook are massive platforms that thrive on posting images and videos and users realize more and more how high quality imagery helps to build credibility and the professional look for their brand.

It also calls for a great photographer who understands these standards, another creative soul himself. The images for artists, musicians, bloggers and other professionals who become their own personal brand tend to be more natural, showing their personality in a bit more playful way in opposite to standard business portraits. It is a great playground for photographers and artists alike to create something more creative, fun, outstanding and out of ordinary.

It's quite an easy task for any photographer to let their creativity flow and get loose in a photo shoot. Often very creative photographers struggle to be constricted by the standards in commercial photos so when you allow them to step out of the box, it's magical.

One of our top fashion/portrait photographer - Jimmy was a perfect creative match for Freddy, a Dj and producer. Freddy wanted to combine a photoshoot in the studio and outdoors to have a variety of images for his social media and other platforms.

'During my third year now in the music industry, I became actually aware of how important it is to keep the socials up to date. While I came across “Booking a photographer” I directly got assistance for choosing the right photographer for me. After a week the shoot was already organised and I met my photographer Jimmy. He’s such a chilled guy and he knew exactly which photos I needed. He had experience working with musicians before so I knew I was in good hands. It was really fun working with him, also being included in every single detail, so each photo is to my satisfaction. Now I’m still in contact with him and really looking forward to meeting him again for new shoots and also bringing him on stage to take my photos while performing.'

You can find Freddy on Instagram @freadymusic

Artist is a studio photo shoot in Amsterdam

Musician in a photoshoot in Amsterdam

Portrait photos for musicians

Portfolio photo by portrait photographer in Amsterdam

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