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Good model portfolio to start your modelling career

Updated: Apr 18

A woman in grey stripped blazer

You are young and ambitious, you have a passion for beauty, fashion and trends. Modelling is your interest and you need to showcase your looks to get the agencies and clients interested in working with you. A good portfolio is your key to success and you have to find a photographer who knows what kind of images are required for a model portfolio.

Not all fashion photographers specialize in creating model portfolios so working with an experienced photographer is important. Always acquire with your photographer whether he or she has created images for modelling portfolios needed for the agencies. A professional photographer will walk you through the whole process from the ideas to arranging a make up artist and helping you pose to show your best qualities.

Here is a story of our client, Maxime, who worked with one of our fashion photographers - Nadja.

A woman in black clothes bend aside

' My name is Maxime Lee and I was born and raised on a tiny island called St. Maarten, located in the Caribbean. St. Maarten has 37 beaches and is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Growing up, I spent a lot of my time on the beach participating in water sports such as swimming, sailing and wakeboarding. My ethnicities are Dutch and Chinese but I describe myself as a Caribbean girl.

When I turned 17, I moved to the Netherlands to gain an education and start my career. I received my bachelors degree in Business Administration from Nyenrode University and since then have decided to move my career towards the fashion industry.

A woman in grey costume and black sandals

My modelling career started out as a favour to a colleague of mine for women’s empowerment campaign. I fell in love with the ability to be able to express myself in a way that I could share with the world. Fashion is a part of who I am and I have always been drawn to beautiful clothing, make up styles and nail art.

A woman in black jacket and trousers

Modelling gives me the chance to indulge myself in a world surrounded by the things I love. I want to be able to influence people to love fashion and express themselves in a way that defines who they are.

In the past year, I have made an incredible effort to start my modelling career and create my portfolio. I started looking for photographers in Amsterdam, Netherlands to help me create professional photos for my portfolio.

I came across this website which seemed to have very professional photographers. I decided to do my shoot with Nadja who helped me to feel incredibly comfortable throughout the photo shoot and create beautiful shots. The process felt so easy and it gave me confidence considering I did not have much modelling experience.

I have just recently been signed by a model agency called Prestige Model Management. The beginning process is a bit difficult because it takes some time to be able to get experience and have people notice your profile, but I am ambitious and excited to start my modelling career. '

A woman dressed in black bending down yellow chair

 A woman sitting on a chair dressed with grey stripped costume

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