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Fashion lover meets Amsterdam streets

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

A woman in short skirt on the railing of a bridge

If you love fashion you know how to be fashionable everyday. Our client, Megan, came from New York to study fashion at Amsterdam Fashion Academy to be able to follow her dreams into the fashion world. To combine fashion with Amsterdam streets she booked a photographer - Kristina D. who is our specialist and recommended photographer for city shoots.

Although usually city shoots are more focused on personality style this one was more focused on fashion. Megan has an eye for fashion and Kristina an eye for beauty and great compositions. Together they created a nice spread of pictures that show Megan in Amsterdam in a fashionable style. With few clothing changes the photos are more interesting.

Here is what Megan thinks about the experience with booking a photographer through our website:

'Booking a photographer through your website was very easy and quick to do. I was able to choose a photographer based on their style, which allowed me to choose one that fit best with the theme of my shoot. In my case, I wanted to do a fashion photoshoot throughout Amsterdam. Kristina was the perfect choice and I am delighted with how my photos came out.'

We do recommend this kind of photo shoots for anyone who is confident in a role of a model and able to do their own make-up. It's possible to create an interesting photos with just the two of you. Although hiring a make-up artist who will prepare you in the hotel is more than possible.

Some of our clients are very confident in choosing their own photographer knowing exactly what they like others need a bit of a suggestion on who is the best choice for them. We gladly do the matchmaking for you! Contact us for advice.

A woman in black mini dress with red clutch

A woman leaning back on a big black door

A woman with black hair and red lipstick

A woman in a boat

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