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How to change clothes during a photo shoot

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Photoshoot in Amsterdam

Summer in Amsterdam is just around the corner. Amsterdam city is such an amazing place for a photo shoot as a solo traveler. You might be wondering how to choose your garderobe and whether you need to work with a stylist to create a variety of images during the photo shoot. And if so, where will you be changing your clothes?

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Girl on a holiday in Amsterdam


Firstly, always ask your photographer to suggest the best spots in the city to capture a few different locations. Often the locations are so close by that you don't need to spend much time walking around, every corner can surprise you with another great background. Our Amsterdam photographers are experienced in doing photo shoots around the city and they know the best places.

Clothing change

You can also ask your photographer to have a quick change of clothing so you can include more variety.

Keep in mind that you will need a place to change.

Sometimes you can use a bathroom in a cafe where you are having a coffee.

Bring an extra hanger to hang clothes in case you use this option.

Most often the cafe owner will ask you to either have a drink or pay a fee to use the bathroom.

It's also a solution to quickly run by the hotel you are staying in. Share the location of your hotel with the photographer so he or she will be able to advise you on where to do a photo shoot so you can actually use your hotel in case you want to do a change of clothes.

Please note that basic 1-hour photo shoots do not allow time to do full clothing change that would cut your shooting time short. Consider booking a 2-hour photo shoot.

Photographer in Amsterdam

Just change the top clothing

Don't worry, if you can't book a longer photo shoot. There is an even easier solution when you don't have the above available.

You can also just simply change the top instead of the whole outfit. Have an extra jacket and use both options, with and without.

Having different tops can have a great impact on the variety of photos you create together and neither it takes much time, nor needs closed off area for privacy.

Simple solution.

Vacation photoshoot in Amsterdam

Do you need a stylist?

Often our clients wonder if they need a stylist. Of course, it is absolutely handy when a specialist can advise you on which piece of clothing would suit you best, or even there is a possibility to hire a stylist who would prepare clothes for you and bring it on the set.

This requires extra budget as the stylist needs to cover expenses of getting new clothing which later gets returned. The stylist also is there with you during the whole photo shoot and helps you create astonishing looks.

We advise hiring stylists for a longer than one-hour photo shoots. To fully take advantage of this great service, you need more time as you will be changing clothing a few times. Consider booking a photo shoot with at least 2 hours. Note you will also need more time to spend before the photo shoot on discussing with the stylist what kind of looks you are after.

If you decide to work with a stylist, add this requirement to your booking when filling out the booking form.

In this photo shoot our client worked with Amsterdam photographer Kristina D.

'I had a great time working with Kristina. She made me feel so relaxed in front of the camera and we laughed and had so much fun. And the pictures were so so beautiful, I couldn't have imagined 😍 '

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