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5 things to know before booking a real estate photographer

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Selling or renting the house? Need to showcase the interior of the office building? A real estate photographer can create excellent interior photos that will sell for you. Wondering what information your photographer will need before the photoshoot?

A living room white shelfs and a TV on the wall

1- What do you expect?

Your photographer needs as much information as possible to be able to fulfill your desires. Firstly, think of a general question:

What do I expect from the photoshoot?

Do you want to photograph the whole place or parts? How many images will you like to receive in the final? When is your deadline? Which area is the place located at?

A few basic questions to be answered.

A balcony with chairs and table

2- What is the purpose of these photos?

The purposes of the photos can vary: from magazine articles, illustrating business websites, for a book, for rental agencies, for an architect, for advertising, for the personal use of renting houses. This is very important information for the photographer.

Bedroom with orange pillows and a night lamp

3 - What is the size of an apartment or the house?

Do you want to photograph the whole house or just part of it?

Maybe just one bedroom and kitchen or also a living room, garden, facade, and surroundings. The size in square meters will give the photographer the idea of how much time needs to be spent.

Dining and living room at one place

4 - Is it a home or a business space?

If it is a commercial place, the photographer would like to better understand each space and what its purpose is.

It's good to show the photographer the entire site, he can already see the most photogenic and architecturally important spaces.

Checking the lighting and space.

White sofa with shimmer light form a big floor lamp

5 - Can you let the home be organized before the photographer comes?

Even though the house is properly organized most of the time you will have to adjust some details in the house such as hiding some objects, moving some furniture, hiding wires…this is the part where the attention of the photographer goes to get the best from the space.

The photographer will suggest how to organize the spaces, choose angles, turn on lights, and open windows to have the main points of the work to be photographed.

Will also take into account the existing proportions within the decoration with the architecture and will assemble spaces with the furniture and objects of the place to capture the best image, for example, with beautiful light coming through the window.

The aim is also to enjoy the whole process!

In this post, our real estate photographer Luciana has created the images together with our client - a designer of Day Interior - Interior Design Studio.

A woman organizing plants in living room


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