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Updated: Oct 30

creative photoshoot for personal branding

Personal branding is a very important part of your business. It includes much more than just photos, also, fonts, colors, tone of voice in messaging, visual identity. One thing is sure though, without good images that show you as a professional your branding can't go far. How to prepare for a personal branding photoshoot and what to discuss with your portrait photographer?

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Creative photos with pompoms Amsterdam

Share your professional branding file

Have you worked with a graphic designer who prepared all the information about your brand, including colors, fonts, imagery and so on? Share this file with your photographer so he can understand what visual feeling you are going for.

Come up with a creative idea for the photoshoot

It's important to be creative in showing your brand, you can go for simple photos in studio if your style is very minimalistic and simple, or go for bigger ideas with props and colors and movement and fun. This is where you can play with the ideas depending on your vision and the feeling you are going for. Your photographer is here to help you brainstorm the ideas and once he understands what you aim to achieve he can create ideas with you.

Knowing exactly what you want, helps

The more focused you are on what kind of images and feeling you want to create the easier it is to achieve results. You can find examples online to share with the photographer, those kinds of images that speak to you and you want to reproduce with your twist, can be a great inspiration.

Portrait photographer in Amsterdam

Formats and usage of the photo is an important info

Surely when you want to create your branding images you will already have in mind where you want to use them.

Formats, like horizontal and vertical orientation images, is a piece of important information to the photographer because he will be able to focus on the right composition depending on where you will use the images.

Will you be using text on top of your images to create banners?

Let the photographer know so he can compose images with more open space.

Creative portrait photographer in Amsterdam

Different kinds of photos for different reasons

When you create personal branding photos, you may need some that show your brand and personality and some that are just classic portraits so you have a variety of images to use on your website, social media, blog posts and much more.

Professional portrait photographer in Amsterdam

In this blog post, you can view images our portrait photographer Aron, created for Lindsay from Cloudfields

This is a piece of important branding information Lindsay gave Aron when discussing the shoot.

' company logo and branding is bright, and bold and playful, and whilst those qualities are a reflection of me professionally, personally I’m more classic in my style - neutrals (black, grey, white, blue) in terms of clothing...'

All of this was reflected in the work they created together using such fun, small and cost-efficient props as colourful pompoms.

Lindsey from CloudFields photos

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