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Photo + Video for fashion brands

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

 A woman in orange dress on a bicycle on the street

Fashion brands often need both, photography and videography, done at the same time. This complete service is possible and can be done on the same day, during the photoshoot. What do you need to keep in mind when organizing the photo and video for a fashion brand in Amsterdam?

The creative team for the photoshoot is the key


First of all, you want to make sure that the photographer is skilled in fashion photography. In this particular photoshoot we suggested that our client works with kids fashion photographer, Ania, due to her characteristic way of shooting fashion images. Our client wanted to create lifestyle images rather than typical fashion shots.


Models become the faces of your brand and choosing the right looks is your biggest job. In this photoshoot we have sourced models in different looks and features to keep diversity and showcase range of beauty. Here keep in mind to be very clear on your concept and what kind of looks you are after.

Make-up and hair

Essentials to any photoshoot, hair and make-up. Here we had to take into account the fact that photoshoot was happening outdoors and we needed a location to prepare the models. We have rented a hotel room for this purpose.


In the particular shoot stylist as part of the brand's team, we didn't hire anyone from the outside of the company which played out very positively because the stylist was in close contact with the brand's owner, the collaboration was very smooth.


One of our top videographers was hired to do the video and editing of this commercial video.

Locations and production schedule is crucial to make sure all the products are photographed

We have been shooting in two major locations on the day. The city and the beach. The shoot had to be very tightly scheduled by the production manager to make sure there is enough time to cover all the spots in the city, spend time on transportation to the beach outside Amsterdam, and shoot at the beach.

How to combine videography and photography on the same day?

While the photographer is working with the models, videographers can also work on certain shots for the video. Although not all the shots can be done this way, you need to take into account extra time that the videographer needs in between photography shots to ask models to perform only for video purposes. Even though the video is done at the same time as photoshoot is happening, it's not the same shots that will be in the video. This makes the work for the models and production a bit more hectic but possible.

Just look at the results for our client Locco, brand for customized flip-flops.

Contact us for more information on how we can help your brand to create high-quality professional fashion photos and commercial videos.

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A woman sitting on a blanket on the grass


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