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How to organize fashion photoshoot in Amsterdam

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Model running in Amsterdam

Fashion brands and fashion photographers will always need each other. Clothing brands launch a new collection each season and they need amazing images to showcase the items in the most appealing way.

It's a beautiful synergy when you hire a photographer who is a perfect fit for your fashion brand. But how do you organize a fashion photoshoot when you are from abroad and have no contacts in the city?

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Sport fashion photographer in Amsterdam streets

Let's look at this example and see what it takes to organize a fashion photoshoot in Amsterdam.

Our client - Seal Active is a successful sports clothing brand in Israel. They wanted to deliver something fresh to their audience by photographing their new summer collection in Amsterdam. Not only they showcase their designs but also stroke a travel bug in each of their customers and add more of an international brand feeling.

But how do you organize a fashion photoshoot when you are from abroad and have no contacts in the city?

That's where we step in. Booking a Photographer is a one-stop-shop for all your talent needs. We not only outsource great photographers in Amsterdam but also make-up artists, stylists and we have our pool of models.

First, the photographer.

Our photographer Aron is experienced in many different areas: events, sports, portrait, architecture and generally speaking commercial photography. Aron has worked with brands like Nike and Red Bull, he photographed many sports personalities and sports events and he loves sports photography.

Aron's experience and background were creating a perfect match for our client.

Three girls running in the photoshoot in Amsterdam

The models.

This photoshoot was particularly challenging when it comes to finding the right models because we worked with sports clothing and models needed to have a sportive body. Our client also wanted to show 3 completely different features in models.

The location was an easier task as the beauty of Amsterdam streets and canals provides great scenery in many different spots around the city. The city center is the place to be when you want to capture typical Amsterdam look with canals, bikes and lovely buildings. What is necessary to take into consideration is tourism and the amount of traffic that you will need to work with. Some areas are busier than others.

Sport clothing photos in Amsterdam

As always, the main concern was the weather! It's this one element that no one can control or predict. That's the main element you should take into account when planning an outdoor photoshoot in Amsterdam. The city is often cloudy and rainy, especially in the early spring, some days surprise us with beautiful weather. We were lucky to catch one of these sunny days.

It wasn't so easy, we had to make a last-minute decision to change the original date and move it to a day earlier, which of course interfered with the availability of models and other talents. A few adjustments were needed to make the whole team complete again.

Working with a very tight timeline we were able to produce a full-day photoshoot for our client where we delivered the best talent in photography, makeup artist, and 3 gorgeous models.

Fashion photographer in Amsterdam

To summarize, when organizing a fashion photoshoot in Amsterdam you need to consider:

- finding the right creative team

- finding the right location in the city with little traffic

- possible need to reschedule the shoot due to weather conditions!

For bookings of a creative team for your project visit our business assistance page.

Sports photographer in Amsterdam


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