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Romantic love photoshoot in Amsterdam

Updated: Apr 18

Love photoshoots in Amsterdam never get old. Even in the times of Covid-19 love photographers capture beautiful moments as always. The streets of Amsterdam create intimate surroundings for passionate engagement and love photos. Are you wondering how to choose the right love photographer?

Couple photoshoot in Amsterdam

Find a photographer that matches your style

Different photographers have their own unique style. It's the way they edit their photos that gives it a specific look. It 's also their unique way to capture the moments, some photographers prefer to pose their clients when others simply allow the client to move about while they catch the right frame. If you like more of a street style, choose a photographer who does't usually show very candid love images.

You like more the look of a sweet love photos with lots of love expressions, choose the photographer who focuses on these moments.

In any case, find a photographer based on their style and make sure you like the final images shown in their portfolio because this will be the look of your images.

We pride ourselves in working with only selected professional photographers that will give you variety of different styles to choose from, in opposite to having all the images look the same.

Book a photographer with the right experience

Most of photographers specialise in a few categories of photography. Some do lifestyle work which includes family and couples photoshoots. Others have extended portfolios into weddings which of course is all connected in one 'people' category, it is about capturing the best moments and looks.

The more experience photographer has in different areas of the category the better. If the photographer works with weddings, he/she will be great at capturing birthday parties, christening events and family reunions.

While also being amazing in shooting family portraits, love photos for couples and even walk about for solo travelers. It's the same sort of skill of working with people and naturally capturing their emotions.

On top of this, the more experienced photographer the more they will be able to better guide you to the best spots in the city. Some of the popular love photoshoot places include:

  • Groenburgwal bridge

  • Bloemgracht bridge

  • The Bulb Region

  • Magere bridge

  • Begijnhof Courtyard

  • Vondelpark

We highly recommend letting your photographer give the ideas as even places seemingly not attractive can look amazing on camera.

In this love story our engagement and wedding photographer - Lana, captured beautiful moments of surprise proposal for our clients.

To book a love photographer click here

Love photographer in Amsterdam

Beautiful engagement photoshoot in Amsterdam

Romantic engagement photoshoot in Amsterdam

Beautiful couple photos in Amsterdam

Beautiful photoshoot for a couple in Amsterdam

Lovely couple in photoshoot with Amsterdam photographer

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