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Amazing model in stylish fashion shoot with talented Amsterdam photographer.

Updated: Apr 18

We had a great opportunity to work with this talented model Sharon Pieksma in a beautiful fashion shoot in Amsterdam, with one of the top photographers represented by us. The whole shoot was fun and professional and results speak for itself. When working with professional and experienced models the flow of the photo shoot is much smoother and the photographer doesn't really have to focus so much on posing the model as she is aware of her strong sides. A good model needs to be very expressive and be able to show all the emotions to be versatile. If you are aspiring model remember that being a model is not only about the looks but more about the personality behind the looks that can be shown outwards and captured by the photographer.

I would like to thank all the people involved in this production, great work!

Model: Sharon Pieksma

Photographer: Kerron Riley (K.R.)

Make-up & hair: Monika Izabela Stepien

Stylist: Asia Paruch

Clothing: Infnti

Production: Ania Orlowska of

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