How to arrange your surprise proposal in Amsterdam

Updated: Jan 15

Secret proposals in Amsterdam are so romantic. The city offers beautiful scenarios that look magical in photos. You definitely want to hire a photographer to capture these special moments of a secret proposal, no doubt.

We spoke to one of our lifestyle photographers - Manuela, who had the pleasure to document these moments for our clients. She will give you some great tips on what to do and not to do when arranging a photographer for your secret proposal.

1. Let the photographer know your intention

First of all, let the photographer know your intention. To get the genuine surprise effect from the person being asked we must be prepared.

2. Wear solid color clothing

Clothes without busy patterns, this way the ring box and the ring itself can be the centre of attention.

3. Plan the signal word or gesture

Plan in advance with the photographer some signal words, so we know that this will be the location and we can position ourselves accordingly.

4. Make up a story for your partner

In case your partner is very suspicious, try to make up a story why you are having a photographer with you.

For the couple you see on photos, the client had a friend who owned a travel agency. So he just told his girlfriend that this photo shoot would be a promotional one about Amsterdam for the travel agency. She really believed it. :)

We also asked Manuela if it's difficult to photograph a secret proposal.

'There are many things to consider. If it is a sunny day, for instance, you have to make sure that you will be able to have the light in your favor.

Normally the person making the proposal is very nervous and could forget what was the signal to give to the photographer and just drop the question, so you must react really quickly.

You must also make sure to have a proper lens attached to your camera so you can take close up pictures of the special moment.'

Is it emotional for you as well?

'It is a bit emotional yes. Most of the times when the lady cries I cry together with her. (laughs)

I also think about how my boyfriend could get some tips on this from the' couples, so I always tell him the stories (maybe he gets the hint) ;)'

Javier was very happy with his photographer Manuela.

'I'm super happy to let you guys know that everything went far beyond what I expected. Super easy to contact my photographer, Manuela. She helped out with the locations I wanted to portrait in this pictures and we had a great time taking them.

Great value for the price I paid.

Thank you so much for your help. 100% recommended!'

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