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Before you hire a business portrait photographer

Updated: Apr 18

Business portrait in Amsterdam

Professional portrait photos for you and your team are essential for your business's professional look. It improves the first impression and credibility of your business. What to consider before you hire a professional portrait photographer? Let's take a look.

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Professional team photos in Amsterdam

Think of the general idea of what kind of portraits you would like to create.

You can ask for portraits done on a solid background, it can be done in a professional photography studio or on location, it can be your office or areas around the office. Your photographer will be able to spot these places with ease once they visit your office space and surroundings.

Often clients have an idea to take photos in a studio, while this is, of course a great idea, there is usually a good possibility for finding a good, solid background that will look just like a studio setting in the office or places around, especially if you want to create a variety of images with a different look.

Your idea may also be to have portraits of you and your team done outdoors with nature or buildings in the background. Same here, the photographer will help you choose the best location around the office for the photo shoot. You can also ask your photographer for suggestions on locations that they have already tested before.

Professional portrait photographer in Amsterdam

Think of how many final, edited images you would like to receive at the end.

A photographer needs to know the approximate amount of images you would like to get to have a clear idea of how many different settings have to be done. This also determines the amount of time needed for the photoshoot and the price.

Know that the photographer takes more photos than just the exact number so you can choose the best ones. There is always a possibility to buy extra photos if these turned out to be very good and you want to keep more of them.

Have a clear idea whether you need team photos only or separate portrait of each team member as well.

Professional portrait headshot in Amsterdam

Share your plan on where you will be using the images

It's important to know where you will be using the images. Of course you may have various purposes for the photos but sharing these ideas with your photographer gives them information about the formats of the photos you will need. Some may require horizontal formats when other need to be vertical portraits.

Business portrait photographer

Let your photographer guide you.

When hiring a professional portrait photographer you can let go of control and let them be creative. Let the photographer guide you and your team into settings and positions. To you these may seem not interesting but for them it all makes perfect sense. The composition of photos is something photographers have a great eye for.

Enjoy the photoshoot!

In this post we shared the images created for our client who worked with our portrait photographer Jimmy.

Book your portrait photographer Jimmy here.

Business team photos in Amsterdam


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