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How to have a fun and safe boudoir photoshoot

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Boudoir photoshoot in Amsterdam

A boudoir photography session is an intimate and sensitive interaction between photographer and their model. It can also be a bit intimidating and uncomfortable if not being held with care.

We asked our experienced boudoir photographer, Ofir for a few useful tips that will help guarantee a successful and fun shoot.

1. Communication with the photographer is the key

As with any relationship, that is the main key to a fruitful collaboration. It is very important to be as clear as you can on what you are looking to achieve in your session and take into account the level of attentiveness your photographer gives you. Might you wish for a very classic look with implied nudity, or an edgy kinky adventure? You have to be able to describe what you daydream about the shoot and your photographer needs to make it clear. As long as they acknowledge your fantasy and limits both of you will land on the same page. Be aware of how responsive they are and pay close attention to any red flags. Those will be anything that makes you uncomfortable in your initial interactions. After we cleared the not so pleasant (tricky) part of this journey we can start having fun.

Boudoir photographer in Amsterdam

2. Music can set the right mood

No matter where your shoot takes place, the No.1 thing to make it a fun one is setting the vibe. Let your photographer know what kind of music style makes you all flustered and hot, what do you listen to when you’re comfortable at home with a glass of wine, and what does let your mind wander to your sexy happy place. Give extra points to a photographer who can relate to your musical taste

Boudoir photoshoot in Amsterdam

3. Don't be afraid to experiment with your wardrobe

The obvious next natural element of how great you feel is what you wear (or not) on your sexy photo shoot. If this is a shoot with your personal sets of lingerie, bring more than less but bring only what makes you look in your eyes really good. Don’t be shy to experiment with looks that you don’t usually get to try, may it be the girl next door, a go-go dancer in Moulin Rouge, or a Berlin Dominatrix. Go wild!

If you prefer to include styling done by a professional, share this requirement with your photographer so they can arrange a stylist for you.

Girl in lingerie with a camera

4. Location can make all the difference

A session can take place in a properly equipped studio or your home if it’s good looking interior to your taste and you feel comfortable letting a stranger into your house. In case this is not an option look into renting an Airbnb or a nice hotel room. Although it’s an extra cost, I especially like the last option as it makes the adventure more unique and memorable and you can find really interesting and wild places to have the shoot in. In short, money well invested!

Sexy boudoir photos

5. Find inspiration and create your mood board

For the photographer to successfully make your vision a reality, there’s no replacement for visual examples and references to translate what you see in your mind. would be a great tool for that as its search engine is very easy and flexible. Using keywords like ‘boudoir, dark, silk, leather, moody, romantic, edgy’ will yield a huge selection of inspiring images. It gets even simpler if you create a collection and share it with the photographer so both of you can exchange ideas.

All images and tips by our boudoir photographer Ofir.

Nude boudoir photoshoot in Amsterdam

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